About Us

We are an Event Sound Hire and Public Address Company based in Barry, Vale of Glamorgan.

The company was founded about 42 years ago, starting as a part-time business but after a few years trading, it quickly became a full time business due to the call for professional outdoor sound systems with a sensible pricing policy. The company continually invested in new equipment each year, so as to be able to offer only the best type of equipment available in the sound industry – a policy that the company still follows in today’s market.


When the company was founded, it mainly concentrated on equestrian events – as the company owner – John Lewis was a Show Jumping (BSJA) Judge and Course designer, as well as holding positions in many of the local horse and agricultural shows such as Secretary, Show Director and Show organiser. With this experience, John was able to see the failing of the few established projecting PA Horns from one point at the side of the arena, right across to the other side, which meant simply deafening every competing inside the arenas. Unlike to old method of using PA, where in the old days just big 42″ horns were used, loudspeaker technology has changed a lot and in the 21st century, all of us who supply professional sound, regularly use Outdoor Columns, High Powered Full range speakers producing up to 200 watts each and waterproof! – as well the popular ‘Music Horns’ that produce full frequency sound but are directional like traditional horns. We still maintain high quantities of re-entrant horns and the traditional 42″ horns which are still deployed on motor sport events.


As well as being able to supply outdoor sound to some of the largest outdoor events across the UK, we also have a range of mobile commentary units including our recently acquired Double Deck Unit. We have units that range from 8ft in length that seat 3 people right up to the larger sized unit at 14ft long that can seat 5 Р6 in line in comfort.

Our clients include all the major agricultural shows in South Wales, major local authority organised events such as the Big Cheese and Big Bite, major motor sport events such as the Weston Beach Race, en ever increasing amount of half marathons, 10k’s, 5k’s and fun runs including Cardiff Half Marathon – which has grown to become the third largest race in the UK, water based sports such as national rowing, water ski-ing and power boats. In fact any event where large areas of land, water or people need information.


We also provide sound systems for all types of indoor events, such as public meetings, conference, corporate meetings, stage systems, entertainment systems for bands and performers plus lots more.


The most important factor is that we ONLY supply extremely reliable systems at a sensible price, with a company who’s staff will work WITH you – not just for you!