Equipment Hire

As well as supplying all types of sound systems, commentary units, two-way radios and digital timing for sports – including Race clocks, we also have built up a good stock of additional equipment that is regularly used at outdoor event that we cover.


We now have available a number of professional ‘Pop-Up’ marquees available in 3m x 3m, 6m x 3m and an new extra large marquee at 4m x 6m. These are usually Dark Blue, Red or Black in colour. They are extremely easy to set up and take down and can be used in even windy conditions with the correct weights and securing straps.


In the lighting department in addition to traditional stage lanterns & follow spots, we also have a good stock of LED Par Lights. These are the new type of light which is really an LED ‘panel’ rather than the bulky par can. These now utilise anything between 3watt & 8watt multi-coloured LED’s which are extremely bright, but do not get hot!


For stage or backdroup use, we also keep a number of 6m x 4m LED star curtains which utilise very bright LED’s that can be controlled by the handy controller that comes with each star curtain. This controller can dictate speed and type of twinkle, as well as the brightness.

We also keep a number of different design lecterns in stock, from the basic to the more ‘designer’ type for prestigious events!


A lot of events require electric to run all the types of equipment – with this in mind, we keep a good stock of electrical distribution equipment – all types of ‘distro’ boxes, cable – both single and 3 phase as well as conversion cables to come down to 13A sockets.


When using heavy cables or indeed water pipes on site – it is essential that these are all kept out of the way of the public and performers. In the event of cables having to cross a roadway or pathway, then the best and safest option is to use ‘Cable Guards’. These ramp type covers have plenty of room in them for even large diameter cables or water pipes/hoses.┬áThese will cope with even the biggest vehicle driving across them! They do have an added advantage – if going across a road, they also act as a ‘speed ramp’ which will ensure that vehicles will slow down when crossing them!


We do not list every type of item that we hold stock in – so even if you do not see what you are looking for – please ask! We may actually have it. If not, we may be bale to get it for your event.