Portable PA Systems

For those of you looking for a powerful, but reliablewp79869ff3_05_06
completely portable Sound System – we offer the best
solution available – the Chiayo Challenger Series.

These systems are a complete PA System packaged in
a single cabinet. The system is a powerful 120watt output
built in amplifier with built in CD Player/USB player, Radio
Microphone Receiver, cabled Microphone socket inputs,
line level auxiliary inputs as well as line level output, plus
the usual master volume, and tone controls.
As well as operating on mains voltage, these systems also
have a built in re-chargeable battery – so the system can
operate for up to 6 hours on battery, where there is no mains
electric available – thus these systems can be used anywhere!

The systems come with a choice of Radio Microphone
Transmitter, either Handheld or Bodypack, and the bodypack
can be supplied with either Headworn or Lapel Microphone.

These are truly “Portable” Systems that are ideal for meetings
lectures, small vocal systems, sports meetings, education
and even poolside events.

There is also the ability to link more than one portable system together, so as to build a larger system using a number of them operating together. We also have some models available with two radio microphone receivers, so 2 Radio Microphones can be used simultaneously! Microphones can have priority over music or can be mixed with the music! The Systems are straight forward and easy to operate and use – and can be
moved easily using the retractable handle and wheels on the bottom of the unit. They can also be used for outdoor events.

Hire charge per unit with microphone of choice and a tripod to put the unit on is £55.00 + VAT per day. Multi-day hires and multiple hires by quotation.

Chiayo – Challenger System 16Hwpf6cd435c_06-1

Challenger C1004DCDMP3PC System, with handheld wireless mic. & canvas cover

   New 120W (RMS) class D internal amplifier and full-range Loudspeaker

   Integral UHF wireless microphone receiver (plus option for an additional three receivers!)

   CD player complete with USB MP3 player & IR remote control

   Wired microphone/auxiliary inputs, plus line level output

   Extension Loudspeaker output (8Ω)wp927ae2e5_05_06

   Optional matching extension Loudspeaker (C1000 Companion)

   Internal rechargeable battery or mains operation

   Retractable handle & integrated wheels

   Tripod mountable

   Protective cover