Two-Way Radios

If you are using Sound Hire at Events in South Wales you need good Radio Communications At JPL Sound & Communications we only believe in excellent communications equipment, that is why we are now only supplying radios manufactured by E-TECH UK, these sets offer compact size with exceptional audio output, together with advanced technology and most importantly, excellent battery life.

The new revised E-TECH “IP” series

The E-TECH IP400, IP100 and IP60 all benefit from a new harder wearing back lit “Easy Use” 6 button keypad which fingers large or small can easily operate. The new case material is even tougher, much more robust and has been extreme tested by constant dropping from 1.9 metres no less than 150 times on to concrete – the case remains intact and the radio serviceable, operational and the E-TECH IP-400 still in use.

The E-TECH “IP” series has all the features and functions of the E-TECH “IS” series with the following added features and benefits.

Expanded 60 user selcall and 5 tone list. this allows for at least 59 alpha-numeric tags on any selcall sent and received including lone worker, emergency call, PTT ident or man down. SCRAMBLER AS STANDARD

Man down, fully dealer programmable for time duration and call features.

14 digit graphic display.

Durable harder wearing back lit front keypad.

High Quality inversion scrambler as standard.

VHF low band version available.

Fully compatible with the EntelĀ® HX – 400 series 1, including audio accessories, batteries, belt clips and spare parts.

The E-TECH “IP – 400” series is near identical to and was previously known as the EntelĀ® HX – 400 series 1

Benefits of using E-Tech Radios

One of the most important issues when using Two-Way Radios is the ease of use and most importantly the actual size of the radio. E-tech Radios have a very compact and lightweight body unlike some other makes, meaning you can easily pop it into your shirt pocket, thus it is always easily at hand! All E-Tech models fit easily in the hand so are very comfortable to use – particularly if you are using them all day long. The controls are extremely simple and we are able to program additional features for customers ease of use. We are able to supply a good range of accessories such as leather cases, rear mounted spring clips, additional batteries, speaker microphones and earpieces. A radios are capable of transmitting in Low – Medium or High Power (High Power = 5 watts VHF). Both Radio body and the battery are extremely tough and will withstand all sorts of accidental abuse – and still work perfectly! The batteries on all these sets are extremely long lasting – we regularly hire Radios out to Equestrian Events that start using their radios at 7.00am and are still using them on the SAME battery at 7.00 – 8.00pm in the evening and using them throughout that period rather a lot!

Whether you need communications for Sporting Events in South Wales, to be used with PA Hire, for use with Event hire in South Wales – look no further. For further details or either our Two-Way Radio Hire in South Wales or Sales of Two-Way Radios in South Wales contact us at JPL Sound & Communications any time.

As we use them ourselves for hire – we are always very happy to demonstrate these sets to prospective clients and customers – you will not be disappointed!