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No matter what type of Event you are organising - we have the right type of Sound System for you.

For large Outdoor Events such as Agricultural Shows, Point to Points, Major Sporting Events including Motor Sports, Water Ski-ing, Power Boats, Rowing, Canoeing, Athletics, Cross Country Running, Equestrian - Eventing, Show Jumping, Hunter Trials; Cultural Festivals & Fairs, Hot Air Balloon Festivals, Firework Displays and lots more!

We are able to provide the complete service for you with out having to resort to sub-contacting equipment in - this means that we maintain absolute control of all setting up, operating and post event dismantling of equipment.

It is worth noting that many of our competitors claim to supply similar services, but they do not actually own the equipment they advertise in their lists - WE DO!

We are also proud to announce that we are a CHAS (Contractors Health & Safety Scheme) accredited company. We have been assessed a Health & Safety compliant company after submitting detailed information about our work procedures, health & safety statements, risk assessments and our ongoing commitment towards improving safety and environment issues on all our work.

For loudspeakers you can choose from various types of speaker - including 42" Exponential Straight Horns, Round or rectangular Re-Entrant Horns (Professional Size!), Music Horns or Projectors, Large or Small Outdoor Column Speakers and High Powered Moulded Music Cabinets for extremely high quality and high powered music & speech.

For Amplifiers, we are able to provide any size amplifier from a small Car type of 15 watts output right up to large rack type amplifiers capable of delivering thousands of watts output. We only use 100% reliable manufacturers such as QSC, CTH, Inter-M, Toa and Jedia.

A selection of our amplifiers are capable of on both mains 230v AND 24v DC Battery, which makes it a much easier task where generators would be unpractical!

We can offer Sound reinforcement using everything from a simple Megaphone, Small and Medium size Portable Sound Systems with built in battery power supply, amplifier, CD Player and Radio Microphone System, also mobile car sets for “sound on the move”, right up to huge systems capable of covering up to hundreds of thousands of people over very large areas.

We also supply indoor sound systems for all types of events including, conference, public meetings, AGM's, business presentations, product launches, entertainment, school concert, theatrical and bands. We stock a huge variety of loudspeakers, modern amplifiers and an extensive range of specialist microphones and radio microphones.

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