“We work WITH you - not just for you!”
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Why Use Our Company?

Unlike a number of companies in the Sound System business - who vastly exaggerate the services and equipment that they have - we actually tell you the truth about what we are capable of supplying!

We have seen so many instances of our competitors vastly exaggerating their companies on the Internet, when in fact they do not actually own the equipment they advertise in their catalogues.

It seems to be the fashion these days to make out you are a major player in the events industry but not risk any of your own capital by investing in your own equipment. These people tend to contract in other companies and their equipment and then make out to their customers, what a good company they are - and that they can supply anything! Unfortunately, this system does not always work, particularly when orders have not been confirmed and the sub contractor does not turn up!

There also seems to be an ever increasing amount of people out in the wide world who go out and purchase a few loudspeakers, have very little knowledge, no experience and then tell you - the customer - that they can do a good cheap job for cash! These people have NO experience, only cheap inferior equipment, not at all reliable, do not know what public liability insurance is - and then, because they are cheap - you trust them with an important event. Only on the day, when some of the equipment does not work, or cannot be heard where is was supposed to be heard and some of them even pester you for payment BEFORE the job has even started!

The difference with us is………………..

We own ALL our own equipment - so we have total control over all of it, so there are no issues with delivery or setting up.

All our equipment is the BEST you can buy for the job. Although budget equipment is tempting - it is not reliable enough and also has a short life span, so would you risk your important event by using this type of kit?

All our systems are not only powerful, but also extremely reliable, plus on the exceptionally rare circumstance that something fails - we carry spare equipment, so you will not be let down. Even in the 21st century anything that utilises electronics can fail at any time - we therefore always carry spare equipment that we can speedily change within minutes!

All our staff have many years experience behind them and can cope with any problems that may be put before them!

We are good - in fact very good - our sound systems actually WORK and do what they are supposed to do! Do not take our word for it - ask our clients and customers!

Finally - we work WITH you - not just for you!

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Why Use Us!